Web Design

Create results driven websites

  • At Hostbora we strive to design websites that are results oriented and drive leads to client. Our websites are rooted in smart web design using the latest technologies.

    In todays business world, a website is a must have for any serious organization. An eye catching, fast loading responsive website can be a game changer in the way the client views your business. We incorporate all the clients needs in the design.

  • You might be good at what you do, but ask yourself how many people know that? Straight from logo and web design we have brand positioning in mind.

    We help business stand out and thrust them into the limelight. When you hire you are working with professionals, the best designers in Kenya are at your disposal to help you get the best looks and presence online.

  • Content is king. For you website to stand out you need good content written by experts. Authoritatative content ranks beacuse it is what people are looking for and that is what the search engines want to give them.

    We use persuasive languages designed to bring you customers, help them convert and retain them. Our language is designed to help you increase sales and penetrate in new markets.

Search Engine Friendly Websites

  • Search engines can be a source of free traffic for your websites. We design that will be loved by the search engines. From responsiveness to website speed, we leave nothing to chance.

    We specialize in keyword research so we can let you know where your competitors are ranking higher than you. We also create conent that is designed to rank for certain terms.

  • We are specialists in link building, social media marketing and social media bookmarking to give you a higher exposure and rankings. This enables you to get more links, more social media mentions and as a result, better rankings and more traffic.


  • Keyword searches with your brand included lead to more conversion than natural searches. For example, someone looking for hostbora webdesign is more likely to sign up than someone searching for simply web design.

    By increasing your brand visibility, many people are going to start associating certain services with your brand. That is what you are looking for in the long term.

Affordable Web Design Services

  • Whether you are a start up or small business, it is about time you changed how you look online. Our dream design team is here to help.

    Our website design, maintenance and re-design team help you increase your website leads, bolster sales, make your business look more professional, allow easy navigation of your website, decrease bounce rate among others.

  • We are professionals in wat we do. Expect the best web designers, coders, logo and banner designers to be working on your website.

    All websites we design are created to visually stun the visitor. We ensure that your website works on all major browsers and across the devices. We especialy take care in designing websites that are mobile ready.

  • We deliver services even on short notice. We are working day and night to ensure that you meet those tight deadlines.

    We offer a free no obligation consultation. Feel free to visit our contact page.

The Right Web Hosting for your Website

  • There are a thousand web hosts out there who are able to meet the minimum requirements needed to run WordPress. Choosing one of them can however be a task.

    We offer a rich hosting environment that allows your WordPress blog or website to thrive. We have the knowledge of WordPress, our servers are designed for performance, we offer reliable 24/7/365 support and our price is jusr right.

  • Our web hosting is Joomla Optimized. We offer quick instllation of Joomla and support all the features needed to get your website off ground.

    All your websites are stored in lightning fast SSD drives designed to give the best in speed and reliability. We have automated back ups to give you the peace of mind that all your files are safe

  • Looking for a stable and responsive web host for your drupal CMS website? We provide guaranteed, high performance web hosting so your site will perform at its very best. .

    We offer a smooth and seamless initial set up to ensure that you are up to speed in no time. We offer Drupal support, MySQL databases and more to ensure that all your needs are met in one platform .

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you Located?

We are located in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. We however have a client base in and outside Kenya and East Africa.

How long will it take to design my website?

It all depends on your needs as the client. A static HTML website with just a few pages can take one or two days while a big database driven website may take more time depending on what is needed. Other factors include:

  • Provision of required content by the client e.g. photos and other data.
  • Cooperation from the client in proving information and feed back
  • Payments
Is Web Hosting included in site design?

No, web hosting, domain registration and webdesign are three different things. They are all required for your website to work but they come in different packages and prices.